Ombre Bollo

Ombre Bollo


Frost Champagne 

The Ombre Bollo series of lamps presents the Venetian glass technique of Sommerso. Sommerso, the submerging a colored bubble into a thick envelope of clear glass has been a staple of select glassmakers of Murano for nearly a century. But this is the first time that we know of for it to be used for lamp making. Our Ombre Bollo Lamp fuses the two forms, creating an illuminated Sommerso glass. The Canary color is a transparent sunny yellow, while the Steel and Champagne Frost lamps employ sandblasting to soften the exterior surface of the glass obscuring the interior with a frosted effect. Hardware comes plated in nickel, but a range of metal finish options are available. 

Made in New York

Width: 12" 

Height: 20.25" w Shade

Shade: Custom Brushed Cotton Oval

Custom lampshades sold separately 

All lamps are French Wired but glass can be drilled if necessary

Lead Time: 8–10 Weeks

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